Material Supply

DMR Design & Build give great focus to interior furnishing and material supply because we believe homes should be decorated to suit an individual’s needs and lifestyle while reflecting their personality. It does not just cater to the home’s aesthetic beauty but also improves its functionality. Creating a design that captures the essence of your home and space is never easy. If things seem hazy in your mind regarding style, accessories, themes, and choice of furnishings, then chances are that undertaking the task alone will not produce the best results.

DMR Design and Build provide material supply specifications for all fixtures, hardware, colors, and materials. Furthermore, we also offer furnishing selection, design, and installation for custom fine furniture, window treatments, and area rugs.

There are various design ideas to borrow a leaf from for inspiration whether one is decorating bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, garages, children’s room, guest room or even toy room, among others. With the right theme for the whole residential house or individual rooms, one can easily pick or purchase the right items to complement or contrast for a beautiful and elegant look.

In DMR Design and Build, we work in collaboration with clients, architects, and contractors to develop and execute the design to its full potential. Our plans, perspectives, and specifications are made specifically to meet our clients’ needs and particulars of the space. Our designers have a great ability to understand the desires of our clients and to help them visualize the final product.