A Perfect Blend of Work and Play in Kuala Lumpur Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Petronas Sdn Bhd Malaysia, recently unveiled its cutting-edge hybrid office on Level 11, Vertical Corporate Tower B, Avenue 10, The Vertical, Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. Commissioned in February 2022, the interior design concept of the 15,000 square feet office expertly combines elements of remote and on-site work, featuring a dynamic mix of open and closed workspaces.

Utilizing CNC cutting techniques, we designed intricate patterns to give each room its distinct personality and character. Our attention to detail extended to the wall and ceiling surfaces, ensuring the highest level of precision. The incorporation of bespoke LED lights into the CNC patterns on the ceiling allows for a variety of ambient experiences, further enhanced by a diverse selection of seating options, such as conference room leather chairs, ergonomic mesh armchairs, couches, and stools.

The office layout emphasizes collaboration by allocating ample space for an open work area. Here, teams can work together while enjoying the balanced illumination from hexagon lamps, specifically designed to provide optimal Lux levels for productivity. Task lighting installed within and around these lamps provides additional lighting options when fewer employees are present in the office.

Our design also includes a versatile, amphitheater-inspired space that serves as a hub for work, meetings, and leisure. This area extends into a nearby play zone, outfitted with TVs, couches, game boards, and dartboards to help staff unwind and recharge their creative energies.

Working with Setel Malaysia to bring their vision to life has been an incredible experience. Their innovative hybrid office design demonstrates the perfect blend of work and play, resulting in a truly inspiring work environment.