There are actually hundreds or thousands of components to take into attention in restaurant design. Today’s prosperous restaurant ideas are about more than just “good food, good service, good atmosphere”.

DMR design project of the restaurant emphasizes the elite status of this place. This complicated project covered the architectural design of the restaurant interior. Inside architectural image with open terraces, rounded shapes, and large windows is a masterpiece of architecture. The facade’s design fascinates with its excellence and its interior design astonishes and comfortable environment makes clients return to a favorite restaurant again and again.

Luxury restaurant design flawlessly stresses integrity and richness of this place. There a large group of people can rest conveniently as well as, simply to spend a family evening together. DMR Interior Designers produced a deluxe restaurant interior, which is entirely compatible with the idea of the beautiful place.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2019
Area 1200m2
Client Yahala Restaurant