Customary structure style offers great points of interest, luxurious decorations, and a bounty of extras. Present day architectural projects is a comprehensive plan term that usually alludes to a building with spotless, fresh lines, an honest shading palette and the utilization of elements that can incorporate metal, glass, and steel. The current structure utilizes a feeling of effortlessness in each part. A word that is typically used to describe the current style is smooth, and there isn’t a significant degree of messiness or accessories required with an advanced style. The current design is characterized by clean lines and moderate outlines that allow the building to maintain itself with real proof and become the powerful point.

Vattanac Capital’s prestigious retail place defines space, style, and timeless elegance. It hosts world-class luxury brands, revolutionizing the city’s shopping experience. Three floors of highly visible luxury outlets are meticulously zones to deliver an enriching and cutting-edge experience for shoppers. As Phnom Penh’s sole destination for the world’s most recognized luxury brands, Vattanac Capital is set to be the pulse of the city.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2017
Height 40m2
Client Vattanac Propersties LTD