The fast-paced world of commerce often relegates the structural significance of interior d├ęcor to a secondary role. That’s where DMR Design & Build is committed to assisting our commercial clients in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We focus on creating the perfect fusion of professionalism and refined aesthetics. We craft environments that fully realize their commercial potential, giving meticulous attention to furnishings, accessories, lighting, and even the very flooring. Our comprehensive range of commercial interior design services includes:

Retail Interior Design
Business owners invest significant effort into their shop floors, striving to optimize layouts that seamlessly deliver exceptional customer service. Many grapple with decisions on how to achieve this delicate balance. DMR Design & Build relieves this anxiety by harmonizing the functional requirements of a shop floor with captivating aesthetics that resonate with your brand. Our design services cater to various retail settings, such as stores, boutiques, spas, and showrooms. Our design elements are ensuring every customer relishes their visit.
DMR Design & Build adopts a unique and innovative approach to interior design, where creativity and vision seamlessly merge with the demands of the commercial arena. Whether your commercial project involves new construction, conversions, or refurbishments, we possess the expertise, creativity, and unwavering standards to surpass project expectations.

We understand that exceptional design necessitates a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and the effective interaction between individuals and their surroundings. This principle holds across all commercial spaces, whether hotel lobbies, high-rise office buildings, shopping centres, or recreational complexes. Achieving high-quality design entails a consistent design process and meaningful dialogue involving us, our clients, consultants, contractors, and end users. Our personalized services encompass feasibility assessments, comprehensive working drawings, and, if needed, assistance with procurement.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2014
Area 400m2
Client Ashgabat Restaurant