DMR Design and Build provides a unique and innovative approach to interior design that combines creativity and vision to meet the specific requirements of the commercial sector. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction, a conversion, or a renovation for your commercial project, we possess the skills, creativity, and unwavering commitment to surpass your project’s expectations.

Office space design is a symbol of presentability and strong business. Be sure to select the style area accurately. The design of the office in a modern style by DMR Design and Build proposes new ways of building workshop space, using functional materials and a minimalist strategy for the decor. In the interiors of office areas, open space design is essential, which involves providing several workplaces in one large room at once.

For an efficient and stylish design that aligns with your work profile and instils maximum trust among your visitors, it is advisable to seek the expertise of professional designers from DMR Design and Build Company. Only our skilled professionals can select the ideal style and incorporate trendy interior elements to establish a cohesive image for your business. This interior will inspire confidence and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Popular in contemporary office spaces, panoramic windows, fully transparent mobile partitions, and unique glass or upholstered furniture contribute to a light and airy ambience, effectively expanding the area. Key characteristics include distinctive fittings and decorative patterns, sleek lines, a prevalence of gloss on all surfaces, and a captivating interplay of contrasting colours and textures.

You’ll discover a wealth of elegant solutions when crafting a contemporary-style office, even with its minimalistic approach. The DMR Design and Build experts have a knack for drawing your attention to the design strategies applicable to office interior aesthetics.

Selecting the right furniture for specific spaces can be challenging when designing a modern-style office. However, you can easily overcome these hurdles by incorporating unique designer lights with unconventional shapes and colours. Integrate practical and quirky office furniture and futuristic lighting, strategically place potted plants to adapt the workspace for enhanced productivity and a conducive working atmosphere. Opting for a neutral creamy-beige monochrome palette is a standard colour scheme in such office design settings.

We understand that exceptional design hinges on a harmonious blend of aesthetics and effective human-environment interaction. This principle holds for various commercial settings, from hotel lobbies and towering office buildings to shopping malls and recreational facilities.

Pursuing superior design demands a consistent commitment to the design journey and extensive communication with our clients, advisors, builders, and eventual occupants. Our personalized service encompasses a range of offerings, including feasibility evaluations, comprehensive construction blueprints, and, if necessary, assistance with procurement.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2016
Area 150m2
Client Paragon CO., LTD