DMR Design and Build offers an individual and refreshing approach to interior design where creativity and vision meet the demands of the commercial environment. Whether your commercial project is for a new build, a conversion or a refurbishment, we have the expertise, creativity and high standards to exceed project expectations.

Office space design is a symbol of presentability and strong business. Be sure to accurately select the style area. The design of the office in modern style by DMR Design and Build proposes the use of new ways of building workshop space, the use of functional materials in the design and a minimalist strategy to the decor. In the interiors of office areas, the design of open space is important, which involves providing several workplaces in one large room at once.

In order to efficiently equip a stylish design that matches to the profile of work, and to make maximum trust among visitors, it is better to turn to professional designers of the DMR Design and Build Company. Only our professionals will choose the desired style, encourage fashionable interior features to create a single image of an effective company. The interior will cause complete confidence and make a certain impact on visitors. Panoramic windows in modern offices are popular, mobile barriers are completely transparent, original glass or upholstered furniture. Such lightweight interiors help to expand the area, they are light and airy. Its main features are unusual fittings and decor patterns, smooth lines, the predominance of gloss on all surfaces, an amazing play of contrasts in colors and textures.

In the design of the office in modern style, notwithstanding its minimalism, you can see a lot of beautiful solutions. DMR Design and Build professionals wanted to draw attention to the design techniques that can now be safely implemented in the interiors of office spaces.

When forming an office design in modern style, it is not easy to determine a furniture for certain spaces. This obstacle is easily resolved with the help of original designer lights of unusual shapes and colors. Practical and unusual office furniture, futuristic lights and potted plants all over the place from the environment that adjusts to the working mood. Such interiors have the most productive work. Neutral creamy-beige monochrome is often preferred as a coloristic environment for the design of the office.

We recognize that great design requires a quality aesthetic and successful interaction between people and their environment. This is important whatever the commercial space, from hotel lobbies and high rise office blocks to shopping centers and leisure complexes.
High-quality design requires continuity of the design process and intensive dialogue between us and our clients, consultants, contractors, and end users. Included in our personalized service are feasibility assessments, full working drawings and even help with procurement if required.

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