Located on the east side of Caspian Sea, Merdana Hotel featured high-end and luxury experience. Awaza forms an important touristic zone for exhibitions and events in the summer. Along with many Hotels and resorts Merdana Hotel is one of the Luxuries Hotel in Awaza.

This Merdana Hotel design opens up new possibilities for creativity and the source of glorious conceptions. The epicenter of the appeal of the lobby becomes the primary presentation of glass with the imitation of flowing water. Expanding in the form of elegant stainless steel and lighting with the help of latest spotlights contributed to this sculptural structure an extraordinarily beautiful and stylish look. Interior designers positively emphasize the architectural features of the building. Interior design in a modern style is a transparent geometry of forms and lines, as well as perfect balance. In the decoration of the walls and stages, was excellently combined gray and white marble with impressive patterns of natural styles. Stainless steel lines and emphases of lighting make the interior more powerful.

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