Hazyna Restaurant, spanning 1900 square meters, was designed to seamlessly integrate an open kitchen while providing a comfortable ambience, all without compromising the vibrant essence of Turkmenistan. At the heart of the dining area lies a spacious communal table designed for larger groups, featuring elevated seating adorned with plush cushions. Furthermore, the restaurant offers flexibility in table arrangements. Adjacent to the entrance, a display showcases Hazyna Restaurant’s products, embellished with meticulously crafted, patterned tiles. The kitchen counter provides a captivating view of the enchanting process of preparing Turkmen cuisine.

The design of Hazyna Restaurant exclusively incorporates natural, tactile materials, original furnishings, and ambient lighting. We aim to maintain the restaurant’s unique atmosphere, and authentic details such as wooden embellishments, verdant foliage, ceiling fans, and an assortment of charming decor items were integrated.

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Facts & Figures
Appointment 2019
Area 800m2
Client Hazyna Restaurant