This interior office design for Gulzaman Headquarter was created by DMR Design and Build Turkmenistan. Here is the area of designed luxury, which can be constructed using only the necessary quality fit-out supplies and furnishings. If you are the owner of the home office in the house or in the residence, then you may thoughtfully think the interior design of this area. We offer to pay thought to this style.

The entire interior is saturated with notes of modest luxury, the silence of the atmosphere and some impressiveness. Respectable, trustworthy — such a workplace will fit flawlessly into the interior of a house, country house or office in luxury style. The attractiveness of the perfect excellence of the this-style office will be enjoyed by everyone; they will like the ambiance of relaxed, and easy work in such an office from DMR Design and Build.

Well and with authority — this is the fundamental principle of the style in the interior design. That is why it is so frequently used in the design of the office: the recognized business card of its owner. This style by DMR Design and Build combines the stylistic characteristics of different periods, and today is recognized as classic.

We understand that great design needs a quality artistic and strong interaction between people and their environment. This is essential whatever the retail space, from hotel halls and high rise office to shopping centers and leisure complexes. 
High-quality design needs preparation of the design process and fast dialogue between us and our clients, experts, contractors, and end users. Combined in our personalized service are usefulness assessments, full working drawings and even help with procurement if required.

This style in the interior of the home office is not difficult to notice. The first thing that captures your eye is the fittings. It is made of solid wood. The main thing that brings the view of those entering the home office from DMR Design and Build is fashionable upholstered furniture. The wood part of couches and armchairs is always polished, and for the filling of the seats and backs natural and very soft leather of the tremendous quality is used. Here, almost everything is fit-out with wood.

The design of the furniture in this style needs a huge amount of natural light. To create artificial brightness DMR Design and Build used a diamond light, wall sconces, and spotlights all over the edge of the ceiling finished with moldings. In the interior of the home office by our company, the number of lamps are even. The symmetry and balance of the color work is what values most.

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