DMR Design and Build particularly applied much effort with the end goal to make the family’s close to home space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The entire house is as lovely as every one of its corners and crevices. DMR Design and Build sets it primarily: A home is a place to relax, and we are only glad for, and content with, the general plan. The company has made sense of how to collect a significant credit for themselves through their rich completing of excess inside arrangement adventures. DMR Design and Build makes inside structures wake up.

Each interior design story starts with a hall space. It is here that interior designers aim to generate a space that will make the right first idea of the house. In addition, the hall interior should serve its useful and operative purposes. In this project, DMR Design and Build’s interior designers produced an unique path from the doorway to the rest of the home. The light palette of tones, marble floors with carved patterns, attractive cantilevered tables, beautiful chandeliers, and sconces, as well as mirrors and silk wallpaper in the decoration of the walls, look beautiful. Everything reflects beauty, royalty, and society.

This wonderful image remains in a more luxurious and lush interior of the living room. The living room is connected with a dining area. Here, interior designers combine a lilac note to the pastel palette of cream and beige colors in the design of windows and soft fittings filling. Marble on the floor creates a warm and cozy ambiance with an elite natural wood. There are silk wallpaper, sconces, and portraits of artists in the decor of the walls. The area of the house has honor in its glory and elitism. In the interior of the kitchen, there are also comfortable properties of the decoration in the form of concrete decor and elegant furniture with engraved decoration and gilding.

For the design of the interiors of the bedroom, the creators of the project offered particular wonderful plans. Each bedroom simply matches to the tastes, attitudes of their owners. If in the parents’ bedroom everything is finished in a deluxe classic, then in the bedroom of the eldest son there is an fantastic contemporary style with beats of minimalism. It is a house in which every member of the family feels comfy and cozy.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2019
Area 900m2
Client Private