The Alp Et Steakhouse is designed and build by DMR Design and Build, in Turkmenistan opened in 2015 serving high-quality Argentinian-style charcoal-grilled steaks as well as a variety of local dishes cooked with country appetite. Located in adjacent to Ashgabat Stadium, The Alp Et Steakhouse is one of the popular steakhouses in Ashgabat exuding a warm, cozy and charming ambiance. It is a one-stop venue for fine wines and perfectly prepared steaks.

Along with other design services, we will develop the design of your courtyard also. Since the initial visit of clients to your place is to have good food, the role of the courtyard design is important. This too requires to be done in an expert and productive way to generate an impression on the minds of the clients.

It requires a lot of creative jobs.

When we carry out the restaurant interior design services for our clients, we keep in mind the recent trends that are relevant to restaurant design models. We keep personally updated with the new developments taking place in the restaurant business.

Antiquated decorations and designs are another reason for refusal of restaurants. The techniques need to be modern to invite to the younger crowds. Everyone prefers the modern looks and restaurants are no exception to it. The models need to be stylish; the interior ambiance should offer a large attraction to the clients. A conventional environment can produce magic with the clients and can be the main reason for making them coming back to your restaurant over and over again.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2015
Height 450m2
Client Alp Et