DMR Design & Build specializes in new build and renovation projects for developers, hotel groups and private clients. Our team of interior architects and specifiers deliver the most creative and original solutions for both large and small interior architecture projects.
DMR Design & Build’s award-winning interior architects possess extensive experience and are fully qualified. Alongside this, they each have the creativity and attention to detail required to provide all of our clients with unique architectural designs that exceed their expectations.

Why is home design is important? Well, to know that the home design is the system of building a house. The making that will outline everything ahead of time so that everything is completed when you build a home. The costing, the elements, it is all declared there. In this special home design drawing in Kuala Lumpur, The DMR Design and Build team has made some special plans that are truly beautiful and one of a kind. The modern house design that they formulated is especially designed for people in Kuala Lumpur, particularly that the area should also be viewed in building because it is a warmer place so thick and durable elements is a must.

With the plan given to the customer, this home design will give the customer a vision of how will home will look like. The development will take position once the customer confirms every detail. From the characteristic of the home and the agreeable costing. The elements to be used will also be presented to the client but the company DMR Design and Build that it is essential to use the most strong materials to be used.

The main entrance is created to bring the luxury living closer to your house. The metal handles are a highlight and emphasis that makes noise of color. The marble floors create it look more luxurious and beautiful just by opening to the main entrance.

The Dining area is not only a shared space for the family but also for companies! It is vital to provide your dining area a large space particularly if you are the type to have more visitors in your home. The DMR Design and Build company’s mark kitchen has great lights that brighten the entire area to make it soft to eat. There is a beautiful floor to ceiling window that allows the natural lighting in the dining area.

The Living room is another shared space that is shared with everyone. The company makes sure that the living room is large enough to be able to provide to more people as possible. The size of a living room is about four to five guests but with this sample, it is likely to create living rooms who can cater to even a more friends.

Closet and storages are a critical part of the plan. These careful spaces need preparation and tidying up. If the cabinets are messy it will also affect the whole interior. The DMR Design and Build is a well-known company for their organizational strategies that looks clean and suitably placed.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2017
Area 900m2
Client Private