When DMR Design and Build designs Turkmenistan Villa – Turkmen Interior Design, we think carefully about Turkmen culture that revolves around family. The importance of gathering in the presence of your family is one of the defining principles of the culture. So translating that fact into spaces means that the living room will be the social hub of the house. Considering the ideology of space layout, the proper furniture setting can go a long way towards making a space look welcoming.

The Turkmen Villa is gotten to by method for the fabulous passage with it’s taking off the domed roof and beautifully bending staircase. Similarly, as in the section, contacts of gold can be found all through the Villa on for all intents and purposes each surface possible.

The most extreme of excellent woods and best European textures effortlessness every single room. The Turkmen Villa’s artistic work accumulations are largely similar to the enhancing divider friezes with their point by point carvings and free reliefs. Get lost for a minute in this royal residence commendable Villa fit for sovereignty.

As DMR Design and Build we understand that Islamic style is a combination of strict geometry, careful layouts, and an open space philosophy. Its initial, singular purpose was to display Islamic architecture in a way that seemed grand and majestic. So the Islamic style used sweeping courtyards, large arches with pishtaqs and iwans along with the arcades and porticos. Islamic architecture was all about grandeur, in an understated manner.

Our Design and Build Turkmen Villa project with arched openings tend to enhance a sense of beauty, which the modern Turkmen style inherited from its Islamic counterpart. An arched opening is just another way to enhance that sense of opulence even in a typical residential setting.

In some of DMR Design and Build projects going minimal for such a non-minimal style would require comprehensive pruning. The modern Turkmen style is one of a kind, and going minimal would mean pruning the frills on furniture, curtains, and other physical design features.

DMR Design and Build’s architectures consider clean, straight lines are a key element of the modern style. To introduce it in the modern Turkmen style would require straightening out the furniture and other design elements that make up the rest of this style.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2014
Area 4500m2
Client Private