Planning the five-star Shamekan Hotel design brings luxury and extraordinary experience to Avaza, which lies close to the eastern coast of Turkmenistan. The original white stone structures have been restored and form the gateway to the resort.
While the exterior treatment of the building is restrained, it features sea views.

By combining certain decoration materials, shades and lighting elements, we managed to create a multifaceted place with continuity and modernity.

In this project, the decoration of the walls, the layout of the floors and the decor of the roof are several-sided and have certain calm overtones.

We understand that exceptional design necessitates a harmonious blend of aesthetics and effective human-environment interaction. This principle holds for all commercial spaces, from hotel lobbies and towering office buildings to shopping centres and recreational complexes. Achieving top-tier design quality entails maintaining a seamless design process and fostering open communication with our clients, advisors, construction teams, and the individuals who will utilize these spaces. Our customized services encompass feasibility evaluations, comprehensive design blueprints, and even assistance with procurement, should it be needed.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2009
Area 5000m2
Client Shamekan Hotel