The origin of this modern home interior design in Turkmenistan story is impressive and continues in memory for a long time. Our clients wanted an excellent design in a contemporary style that would match the latest fashion trends. And their home became a matter of enjoyment and recognition. Special care to the interior design is given to the hall. They produced a multifaceted area with infinity and originality by mixing some decoration elements, tones, and light materials. The contemporary interior design of elite real estate from the studio DMR Design and Build is always an elite solution in a particular style. In this project, the decorations of the walls, the design of the floors and the decor of the ceiling are many-sided and have some calm tones. Here, the project’s designers skillfully connected the light of nature and the importance of high-tech style.

This Villa house design creates new opportunities for creativity and the origin of bright ideas. The epicentre of the hall’s beauty becomes the original production of marble. Additions in the form of shining stainless steel and lighting with the help of the latest spotlights gave this sculptural style a lovely and stylish look. Contemporary architecture and design are ideas that are intimately interrelated. The interior designers accentuate the design features of the house with a positive approach. Modern-style interior design embodies precise geometry of forms and lines, striving for perfect harmony. Superbly blending grey and white marble with beautiful patterns of natural veins, we adorned the walls and floors with exquisite decor. Stainless steel lines and the importance of lighting make the interior more powerful.

The usage designs are excellent, and you must continue a long period here! Dedicated to the entryways of brightness and viability, DMR Design and Build is an international firm with a comprehensive show of beautiful inside structures. Doing the inside plan, the company relies upon the parts of porousness, mix, and enough, making a surprising yet excellent show-stopper. It may look boring when overdone or cluttered when not well organized. In DMR Design and Build, we are professional in shading palettes!

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2016
Area 700m2
Client Private