The fast-paced business world frequently relegates interior decor’s significance to a secondary role. That’s precisely why DMR Design & Build is committed to offering a unique approach to support our commercial clients in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We aim to achieve a seamless fusion of professionalism and exquisite taste. We specialize in crafting environments that maximize their commercial potential, addressing everything from furnishings, accessories, and lighting to even the floors – all receiving the distinctive DMR Design & Build touch. Our array of commercial interior design services encompasses:

Retail Interior Design
The shop floor represents an area where business owners invest a significant amount of their effort. Crafting layouts that facilitate the smooth delivery of top-notch service to customers is essential, but it can often leave business owners needing clarification about the right course of action. We alleviate this concern by harmoniously integrating the functional requirements of a shop floor with the visual charm that fosters a strong connection between your store brand and its patrons. Our design services cater to diverse retail settings, encompassing stores, boutiques, spas, and showrooms. Our design components guarantee that your customers thoroughly enjoy their visit, creating a delightful experience.

DMR Design & Build takes a unique and innovative approach to interior design, blending creativity and vision to achieve outstanding requirements of the commercial sector. Whether your project involves constructing a new building, transforming an existing space, or renovating, we possess the skill, imagination, and unwavering commitment to surpass your project’s anticipated outcomes.

We understand that exceptional design necessitates a seamless blend of aesthetic excellence and effective human-environment interaction. This principle holds across various commercial settings, from hotel lobbies and towering office buildings to shopping malls and entertainment hubs.

Achieving top-tier design standards mandates a consistent commitment to the design process and open, constructive communication among our team, clients, advisors, contractors, and the ultimate users of the space. Our bespoke services encompass feasibility evaluations, comprehensive design documentation, and, when necessary, assistance with procurement.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2015
Area 350m2
Client Ashgabat Restaurant