DMR Design and Build invested considerable effort to craft a personal haven for the family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Every nook and cranny of the entire house is as exquisite as the whole. DMR Design and Build’s primary philosophy is that a home is a sanctuary for relaxation, and they take immense pride and satisfaction in the overall design. The company has earned significant acclaim for their opulent completion of luxury interior design projects, bringing interior spaces to life.

Every interior design narrative commences with the entrance space, which interior designers aim to make a lasting impression and fulfil its functional purposes. In this project, DMR Design and Build’s interior designers created a distinctive pathway from the entrance to the rest of the house. The light colour palette, intricately patterned marble floors, eye-catching cantilevered tables, elegant chandeliers and sconces, mirrors and silk wallpaper adorning the walls radiate beauty, sophistication, and refinement.

This enchanting image enters the more sumptuous and lavish living room, seamlessly connected to the dining area. Here, interior designers added a touch of lilac to the soft cream and beige colour palette in the window and smooth furnishing design. The warmth of the marble flooring complements the elite natural wood, and the decor includes silk wallpaper, sconces, and portraits of artists. The house exudes grandeur and luxury.

In the kitchen’s interior, the decoration incorporates comfortable elements such as concrete decor and elegant furniture with intricate engravings and gilding.

The project’s creators envisioned unique designs tailored to each individual’s preferences and sensibilities for the bedroom interiors. The parents’ bedroom exudes a luxurious classic style, while the eldest son’s bedroom boasts a fantastic contemporary style with minimalist undertones. It’s a home where every family member finds comfort and cosiness.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2016
Area 900m2
Client Private