While good food and good customer service are key to return business, a restaurant’s atmosphere is also important. We want to feel comfortable with customers and enjoy their meals. The restaurant design is setting the stage for the dining experience of the customer.A restaurant’s design should balance a welcoming atmosphere with maximum seating capacity. In other words, we want to pack enough customers to keep busy and make a profit while making guests feel comfortable at the same time.Optically raises it by painting the ceiling with a light shade, making the room appear larger and more expansive. This is particularly true when choosing a lighter color shade for the walls.Fundamental planning–i.e. kitchens, traffic, etc. and being able to properly serve a restaurant and atmosphere. It’s important to get the right atmosphere, not too cold or not too loud and not too many dishes from a food perspective. Not having a defined offer–when it comes to hands, less is definitely more.

For DMR Design and Build the most important thing to remember when designing a bar or restaurant is the customer! How we are going to attract them, how are we going to give them an amazing experience and what’s going to make them come back?

Customers these days are always looking for new experiences, and a fresh and quirky restaurant interior design catches their eyes. Sharp contrasts are a significant part of the contemporary interior design to give it an impressive and stylish look.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2019
Area 600m2
Client Kebapcy Restauran
2013 Best Restaurant in Ashgabat