Shazada Cafe is located in Turkmenistan. An existing ferroconcrete building that had been used for munition area was turned into prep pantries, overflowing lab and staff rooms. Clustered like classic buildings they will eventually be surrounded by trees and plants with expansive views of the city. DMR Design and Build designed the interiors to be true to the structure, echoing the external elements and with an accurate, simple and contemporary feel.

The design concept emphasizes a happy approach to materials – oak, brick, steel, concrete, and tombac. Each building is made of one material and has a sole purpose, for example, the dining room, hallway, lounge or separate dining area. They’re powerful apart but make a more important account grouped collectively. Shazada Cafe chef and co-owner call the seven buildings comprising the restaurant.

The entrance building is made of wood, which will patinate to a matt brown. Customers arrive at a simple front door that looks like it’s been made out of the slatted wooden front. Inside, natural oak panels line the ceiling and walls, which have combined closet doors.

The lobby is a place of welcome as well as somewhere for guests to wait around and reflect on the dining experience they’ve just had. Large oak-framed windows with built-in oak and leather benches look out on the city. It’s nicely comfortable and relatively simple to increase a sense of honesty and simplicity. A mix of vintage and new furniture is arranged loosely like a home with some arranged near an open brick fireplace.

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Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2017
Area 200m2
Client Cozy House Cafe
2011 Name of the Awards