The fast-paced business world frequently relegates interior decor’s significance to a secondary position. At DMR Design & Build, we adopt a committed approach to assist our commercial clients in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in achieving a harmonious fusion of sophistication and refined aesthetics. We craft spaces that fully maximize their commercial potential, paying meticulous attention to everything from furniture and accessories to lighting and even the flooring, all receiving the distinctive DMR Design & Build touch.

The shop floor holds significant importance for business owners, as they invest much effort into it. Creating layouts that facilitate the smooth delivery of top-notch service to customers is imperative, but it often leaves business owners needing clarification about their choices. We alleviate this anxiety by harmoniously combining the practical requirements of a shop floor with the visual allure that enhances your store’s brand. Our design services are tailored to diverse retail settings, encompassing stores, boutiques, spas, and showrooms. Our design elements guarantee that your customers thoroughly enjoy their visit, cherishing the experience.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2015
Area 360m2
Client Private