Located along Awaza, the new Bagtyyar Hotel is designed as an exclusive Luxury Hotel. It features an expansive roof terrace with stunning views of the main building that offers a unique glimpse into the Caspian Sea.

The art of interior design is very complicated and has a lot of distinctions. All the distinctions and features of design art can be known only by a professional who has an academic knowledge base and a certain amount of working experience. Luxury DMR Design and Build is the place where truly excellent interiors are built in the world of the design of apartments, houses, and cottages, restaurants, offices.

For DMR Design and Build, the form that hotels should give visitors out and about a safe house for a night or two don’t mean that they don’t need to be common and agreeable. The hotel inside a formation is urgent to make any guest feel welcome. Lodging owners know best the importance of value comfort and confirm this is accessible from the first step visitors take into the inn inside. From creating an inviting hotel campaign plan to backing an ameliorating resort room form, the goal is to change an hotel room into a transient home. In a very much decorated lodging, you will feel comfortable, which just illustrates how complex structuring an hotel inside really is. Unlike most companies, hotels depend predominantly on style. This is the reason each inside architect should know the traps.

The advantages of expert participation in creating a great interior design from DMR Design and Build are:

— Our firm specialist will select the proper color solution of the interior;

— The architect knows the techniques for creating permanent effects;

— Only the specialist knows everything about the standards of goods presented on the interior market;

— A responsible design professional will provide a further look at the common area.

DMR Design & Build specializes in new build and renovation projects for developers, hotel groups and private clients. Our team of interior architects and specifiers deliver the most creative and original solutions for both large and small interior architecture projects.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2011
Area 1500m2
Client Bagtyyar Hotel