Ashgabat Restaurant restaurant is located in the fashionable and modern Turkmenistan. The client hoped DMR Design and Build could design a restaurant that is recommended online and enjoyed by young people, so as to indicate Ashgabat Restaurant’s new business idea of connecting the new local cuisine with modern design. After the market analysis, DMR Design and Build determined to find the spiritual core from the aspect of warm attention Beautiful attention will not be independent of the emotional memory of the past.

Therefore, in addition, to reconceptualize its practical performance, the design needs to reflect its warm relationship with the primary memory. We believe that the entire space will be plainer in concept, which will mention people of the healthy and natural brand characteristics of the brand Ashgabat Restaurant.

When the panoramic glass folding door opens, the inside area is mixed with the outdoor yard. The rich gray tone, architectural space structure, smooth and simple visual language and design method make Ashgabat Restaurant brand has a such a space, all diners’ attention will only directly on the food itself. This gives the tasting experience more likely to be felt thoroughly and fully. A good design is always memorable, and we hope that every diner can find the joy of enjoying the food from our design.

We are one of the few restaurant design firms that can use your eatery area efficiently for catering to all your design needs. Within our restaurant interior designer services, the entire area will be optimized for giving the best outcomes which will have a real influence on your company. The proper arrangement of chairs along with matching tables, the cooking area along with the cash counter, the bar, and the waiting area has all to be set out in a reasanable manner. With our deep experience as a restaurant interior design firm, we can help you get the designs right, with each condition being answered in the most engaging and effective manner. None of the area will go underutilized or is utilized. You will be using a lot of money on the rent or for the gain of the space. We will assure that you get the results on investment.

Facts & FiguresAwards
Appointment 2014
Area 400m2
Client Ashgabat Restaurant