Any place has its own power. When deciding design for a home, people can do everything in accordance with personal tastes and their choices, but while making out a workplace, one has to follow certain rules. The design of the office of the head of the company usually says a lot: about the company itself and it’s status, about the style and decisions of the director. Accordingly, the design of this office is both stylish, comfortable and attractive.

Before beginning to select furniture for the interior, DMR Design and Build designers decide where the zone in the head’s office will be. This is recognized as an important issue, as the design of a trendy office, made by our designers, is comfortable and practical.

A win-win opportunity for the design of this manager office is classic interior by DMR Design and Build is a natural fit-out, controlled colors and solid stylish furniture. But at the same time, the design of the office of the manager may depend on the specifics of his movements, as well as personal choices.

Furniture in the manager’s office from DMR Design and Build different from furniture that stands among the employees of the company, it seems more comfortable and solid. In addition, the office is furnished with luxury items that make the office look truly different: these are design lights, pictures, and original accessories in the form of silver glasses. Our designers for a chic and compact design of the office pick up furniture made of natural wood, complemented by fit-out of genuine leather, glass and steel.

The design of the beautiful workplace from DMR Design and Build certainly combines ergonomic chairs, comfortable, large desk. The seats are made of genuine leather, decorated with a high back and comfy armrests. In addition to the table and chairs in the office, our designers have such furniture:

— a furniture for collecting the necessary documentation,

— racks,

— a place for relaxation and open meetings in the form of a sofa group.

The office, as a result, is compact, smart and as relaxed as possible. The design shows respectability, trustworthiness and stable success of the company. Textured materials for wall fit-out, large marble tiles for covering the floor, the use of solid precious furniture made of expensive wood, finished with marble, are ideal for decorating the office.

Facts & Figures
Appointment 2007
Area 900m2
Client Aga Construction CO., LTD